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“Help – other swimmers on my team are swimming fast and I’m not.”

How long it takes for you to improve is unique to you. When I was a kid, we used to a get a swim magazine to our home every two months that had national rankings for swimmers in each group. I would photo-copy the page with my competitors, highlight my name, and over the next two months try to march up as fast as possible up the rankings at subsequent meets. The same could be said for farting around on social media, relentlessly scrolling through meet results, or spending hours on YouTube watching videos of fast swimmers. Sometimes we need the kick in the butt that comes with a fast competitor.

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Can you go to bed a little earlier? Can you spend ten minutes writing down and evaluating your workout? Can you take two minutes to get feedback from your coach on your technique? Can you do a couple extra race pace turns?

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Can you video tape your start to see where you can improve? Because now you have someone to race against.

A challenger. Someone to chase after each day at practice. Use the performances of others to motivate you. One of the challenges of being top dog in the group or lane is that we tend to coast when we are crushing everyone. I always relished getting moved up a group to where I would be struggling to keep up with the faster swimmers. Intuitively, I knew that training with faster swimmers would push me far more often than training with slower swimmers, and I was stoked about the hype-improvement that would come from trying to keep up.


Ever notice the joy from a swimmer who places in the bottom of the results but drops a metric butt-ton of time? Even if you are the fastest of the fasterest swimmers in the history of the sport today, there is someone out there who will someday knock you off.

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You can be the fastest swimmer in the lane, but you might not be the fastest swimmer in the group. You may be the fastest swimmer on the team, but there is going to be someone faster cross-town, or cross-state, or cross-Earth.

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In sum, the next time one of your teammates is putting an unmitigated beat-down on you in practice, check yourself before you wreck yourself with these quick questions and reminders:. Confused about mental training? Want to unleash pro mode on your swimming this year? We all want change in some measure—so why is it so dang difficult to make happen? Next event Latest news. Ambrosimov surprises in Ohrid; Cunha confirms See all news. Rules and Regulations. Latest results.

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September 7, Nantou, TPE. August 28, Ohrid, MKD. August 3, July 21, Lac St. Jean, CAN. June 15, Balatonfured, HUN.

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