Guide to Correspondence in French: A Practical Guide to Social and Commercial Correspondence

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The important thing is to give the prospect an easy way out of further correspondence and from your contact list.

Sending hundreds and thousands of cold emails to a random list of email addresses is something that violates GDPR. They should immediately understand why you chose them as your addressees. Let me explain what that means with examples:. Company X produces an email server security solution. The company finds Woodpecker online and confirms that Woodpecker is an email automation software. They contact him via cold email offering their software.

A company producing email automation software could definitely be interested in an email server security solution. In this case, the offer would be clearly connected with a specific business activity declared in the company statute. Company Y offers web development services. They find out on LinkedIn the personal data of our Head of Marketing yours truly. They contact her via cold email offering their services.

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Of course, in marketing, we do produce websites. So, when would it be justified for a web development company to send a cold email offering their services? Or, if they were contacting digital marketing agencies declaring that they handle web development as well. They need it so that one of their salespeople could call me once they classify me as a potential customer.

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And according to GDPR, they owe me at least that information if they require my phone number to download an ebook. They also owe me at least a hint that the ebook will not be the only thing they are going to send me. You should make sure that the personal data you process is accurate and up to date.

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To make that possible, the data owners should have a clearly described and easily available option to change their personal data. They should also be able to exercise the right to be forgotten and the right to assist in data deletion. You can use an unsubscribe link mechanism if you want to. But you can also simply write in your email, what they should do to have their data removed from your prospect base. It could be for instance:. In fact, if you use any formula, it should not be official, nor should it sound lawyerish.

You should use as simple words as possible.

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If you email people who signed up for your list, you also need to give your addressees a clear way to opt out. We use MailChimp for sending our marketing emails and product updates, and the formula we use there looks like this:. You know who you got the email from and why, and you can change your data or unsubscribe right there with one click. Make sure the email marketing tool you use offers the same options to your subscribers.

The storage limitation is a new principle introduced by GDPR.

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We will add some functions in Woodpecker that will allow you to select such non-responsive prospects easily and mark them with a proper status to stop processing their data. If a prospect replies to you with a positive response, the time of processing their data will naturally depend on your further relation or lack of it.

If someone becomes your client, he or she involves in a business agreement with you. This gives you the right to process their data for all the time of the agreement duration, and after that as well. As data administrator, you are obliged to take a proper care of the security of the personal data you process. You should never share with third parties other people or companies the personal data you process, unless you have a clear consent of the data owners to do that. Whether you send cold emails or email marketing messages to opt-in lists of subscribers, the rule works the same: treat the personal data you process like something you borrowed.

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If you plan to share it with someone else, the data owners should be clearly notified about your intentions and you should have their consent. Again, these are not just files with random data that belongs to you. Contact lists including email addresses and other types of personal data are valuable assets and GDPR stresses that they should be guarded as such. Moreover, you should be able to prove that you took those measures in case of a control.

A safe solution to that would be to prepare documents stating who at your company can have access to specific types of personal data that you process. For instance, HR people will probably require access to personal data of all employees, but it may be totally unnecessary to sales reps. Think of who can access various types of data at your company. Then, regulate and document that.

If a controller asks you who can access what, you should be able to tell them or better, show them a document, as supposedly they love flicking through papers. You should also openly inform your users, customers, and subscribers where their personal data is physically stored. So if you have servers in France and Canada, like we do, you should officially inform about their locations in your Privacy Policy or another document. Hope it will help you understand the basic principles mentioned in the document and take some actions to be compliant with it.

Hope it will allow you to understand that GDPR is not a regulation that is supposed to kill cold emails or newsletters.

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This is a list of resources that helped us write this post. If you feel like more thorough research on your own, this may be a good point to start from:. European Commission — reform of EU data protection rules. Information Commissioner blog. Lexology Blog post about consent. If you have some other interpretations of the GDPR you want to share or laws specific to your native EU countries, please feel more than welcome to leave them in the comments as well. Sign up for them to learn more about GDPR and ask your questions connected to it.

This one already took place on March 15th. This one already took place on March 21th. This one has already taken place.

Contents This post is way over 5K words long. Who does it apply to? What does GDPR mean by the term personal data? Why is it important? Appoint a Data Protection Specialist at your company. Review your Terms of Service , Privacy Policy etc. Prepare a risk assessment for your company … or ask your Data Protection Officer to do so. What should I inform my customers or prospects about? The roles and duties of data administrator and data processor Data administrator You probably obtain personal data from various sources.

Cold emailing lists While building a list yourself, in case of cold emailing, you need to be sure that each and every person on the list is likely to benefit from your business-related offer.