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You may also email your purchase orders in PDF format to: orders phoenixlearninggroup. We accept orders prepared on your institution's or business' purchase order forms. We will send invoices to schools, libraries or other organizations or institutions. All other orders must be paid via credit card or prepaid with check or money order. What you will learn This booklet contains FAQs on context, ideas, brainstorming notes and a few examples of context divisions.

Let me know if you need more information. However, if you feel a dedicated page for each of the books, then I am happy to provide any additional information required. Personally, I feel the book Garuda is interesting as it teaches the internals of Phoenix and how to recreate a simple MVC framework in Elixir. Can you add a breakdown of chapters as well? I can then edit the info into the first post for you. AstonJ , here are the details of the book Mastering Phoenix Framework.

The book covers 24 user stories related to developing an Ecommerce site as use cases to teach Phoenix Framework. As an admin, I want to Manage users with admin rights See a different layout for the admin dashboard Use magic link to login. See orders Exercise See customers Exercise Manage warehouse items Manage suppliers.

Use channel-powered Mango Robot to Get notified on chat when a customer orders on the web Get order status by chat messages Create POS orders through chat window. Covers complete deployment configurations such as Nginx, Systemctl, managing environment variables and creating custom Distillery commands to run database migrations. During this process, the book explains various meta programming features of Elixir and how Phoenix uses them.

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Here are the list of things done in Part I. Part 1. Rebuilding Phoenix 1. Getting started. Understanding --sup flag 1. Introducing Cowboy 1.

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Hello world with Cowboy 1. Serving more pages 1. Serving static files 1. Genesis of MVC 1. Creating our Routing layer 1.

Garuda - the firebird clone 1. Introducing Assembly. Conn 1. Adding Controllers 1. Extracting the common code 1. Creating a Router DSL 1. Creating View layer 1.

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Creating a template layer. As this exercise involves adding different configurations and dependencies to a plain Elixir project, the book draws a comparison to various components created from scratch in Part I and those that are added in Part II that are available as in-built components of Phoenix. By the end of the chapter, the user will understand the various parts of Phoenix project and be confident to customise them. Below is the list of things covered in Part II. Part 2. Digging Deeper into Phoenix 2.

Creating Phoenix project by hand 2. Configuring Web Server 2. Using Views 2. Using Templates 2. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. He recalls the night he was in bed when his phone rang. When Goubert arrived at the track he could scarcely believe his eyes. The entire MotoE paddock -- bikes, equipment, even the riders' leathers -- was in flames.

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The blaze, started by a short circuit in a piece of charging equipment, had torn through the tent in which everything was housed. By the morning, all was lost. Photos: Could the future of racing be in the air? The Airspeeder is the future of racing, combining F1 cars and drone racing. Hide Caption. The low altitude quadcopter aircraft has been designed by Australian start-up Alauda Racing. The electric powered Airspeeder will participate in a competitive racing league.

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