Shariah Law: An Introduction

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Shariah law is a subject that is misunderstood and misrepresented by many in the West. More than simply a system of law, it is concerned with a set of values and rules that are essential to the understanding and practice of Islam. In this volume, Mohammad Hashim Kamali, a world-renowned expert on Shariah, adopts a question-and-answer format to provide a clear introduction to its most salient aspects.

The Sharia and Islamic Law: An Introduction - Online

Extending from the sources of Shariah in the Qur'an, hadith and the legal maxims of Islamic law to the discussion of issues such as freedom of religion, gender equality and human rights, Shariah Law: Questions and Answers connects the theoretical aspects of the law with how it is applied in the world today. At once scholarly and accessible, it is sure to be a vital resource for students, teachers and general readers, addressing as it does a range of contemporary concerns, including jihad, democracy, the environment, genetic engineering, human cloning, euthanasia and abortion.

Kamali is a sound scholar and an encyclopedic source of information on shariah's theoretical and applied aspects, and this book reflects that erudition.

His thoughtful, in-depth and accessible responses to essential questions help the reader to gain a comprehensive understanding of crucial Islamic notions. Highly recommended.

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What is “Sharia law”?

An illuminating introductory volume on a system of law that has often been characterised as backward and brutal by opponents in the West. We will focus on the inheritance provisions of the Compilation of Islamic Law, which was used by progressive Muslims within the government to attempt to grant greater inheritance rights to female relatives and relatives related through females than is recognized in the classical doctrines.

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And while these reformers were unable to achieve their most ambitious goals in the Compilation of the Islamic Law, modest improvements in the legal status of women are being made in Indonesia. Introduction to Islam. General Introduction to Islam.

Shariah Law: An Introduction

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Introduction to Islamic Law - LAWS5141

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