The Boys Return (Boy/Girl Battle)

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Back Together by Gamergal10 reviews A year later, the Malloy girls are back in town, and are living right next door to the Bensons. But how come things aren't normal?

Oh right. Eddie and Jake are pranking with each other's feelings, Josh had just dumped Beth a year ago for his reputation, and Wally and Caroline are suddenly actors and Cupids. Oh, and best friends. It's going to be an eventful time for sure. Teamwork by VanillaMostly reviews The one where Eddie played horribly at her first baseball game, and Jake was nice.

The Boys Return - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor - Google книги

Who'd Have Thought? Oneshots1 by Blu3 Wat3rs reviews Just little oneshots between our favorite couples and Peter. Peter's adventure is just updated! The stories are better than the summaries. Which I obviously stink at. Boysgirls Battle Series oneshot by creativebear reviews Series of oneshots.

Reunited by lermanade reviews After the Malloys' Ohio home is burnt to ashes, they need a place to stay. And guess who's offering their services? The Hatfords are welcoming the Malloys into their house in Buckman for a year, six years after the Malloys moved away. One house. One year. Two families. This reunion is sure to be epic, and Beth and Josh may find love in the middle of it all. Will Nathan finally have the love of his life, or will Tom find the perfect girl?

Girls VS Boys Gacha Life Singing Battle •SPECIAL 30K SUBS✓

In this love story, there will be break ups and make ups! Who will cheat on who? Who will fall in love with who? Will the band still be The Wanted?

The Boys Return

Caroline's Courage by lastflower reviews Wally gets a surprise in the shower. Drama in school and trouble with relationships are enough for the Hatfords and the Malloys. Fights are fought, new love is found, and new enemies are made. A whole new war begins. Sequel to Another Start!

See a Problem?

Problem is, no one told them that they were spending the rest of winter break together. After Jake messes up, Eddie learns a secret about Jake and decides to finally be his friend. But Jake is starting to feel something more, and it's killing him inside. Enchanted by creativebear Hey so here's a new one-shot brought to you by yours truly! Eddie and Jake are heading off to college, but what does that mean for their friendship! So I hope you enjoy and don't forget to read and review! The Girls Return by creativebear reviews After three years, the Malloy girls finally move back to Buckman.

Romance starts for Jake and Eddie and Beth and Josh. This is a very sweet story of what happens with teenage love. Jake dumps Eddie over a text because he likes another girl, just before the girls visit for spring break and go to school with the boys for 2 weeks.

Things get crazy-after all, it IS the hatfords and the malloys! Will update soon.

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A Little Bit of Everything by creativebear reviews This is a collection of oneshots inspired from different songs, experiences that actually happened to me, and some other stuff. Hope you enjoy! Dear Jake Hadford by creativebear Eddie writes a final letter to Jake with all the things she wishes she could say to him. Warning, it's pretty sad, but had a someehat happy endings. Things have changed drastically and life will probably not be the same again. Now as they continue the pranks, their rival ship may turn into something else. The Girls' return by Sillyface13 reviews Three months after they left, the Mallory girls' house catches fire in the midest of the night.

Though their parents want to live in Ohio, Jean finds a wonderful home in Buckman. Of course, they only plan to live in it until they can find a house in Buford, Ohio. Meanwhile, the Hatfords and Bensons decide to be as neighborly as possible to the girls It's only been a few years, and Josh has dumped Beth for his reputation, Jake has plans to make Eddie jealous, and Wally has a prank book he wants to share with Caroline.