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Radical-mediated enzymatic methylation: a tale of two SAMS.

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Profession: Author. Glen Hirshberg shows a particular talent for methodically vivisecting ordinary situations to the bare bone, quietly exposing demons locked away within the human psyche.

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It's easy to see why the author has already won numerous accolades for his work and he'll surely collect many more. If you enjoy horror fiction with a subtle kick, then put The Two Sams on the very top of your Christmas wish list. Note: Opinions expressed in reviews and articles on this site are those of the author s and not necessarily those of BookLoons.

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Find more Fantasy books on our Shelves or in our book Reviews. Reviewed by Martina Bexte. The narrator who we don't realize for a while is female visits her cousin in Hawaii, who's dealing with guilt over an accident in the past, and his general failure to make a go of it in life. He's become obsessed with a mysterious shipwreck off the coast, but their expedition ends oddly.

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Dark's Carnival" was my favorite. A history professor receives an invitation to the titular event, which according to the story is believed to be only a legend in his Montana town. It seems it's run by an immortal hangin' judge from the Old West, and gets pretty intense. This is the most visceral story of the bunch, a wild haunted-house ride Most satisfying.

THE TWO SAMS by Glen Hirshberg | Kirkus Reviews

The real horror of the story is very indirect and lies mostly in inference, but it's the first story I've read in a while to incorporate the Golem legend. A man and wife are tormented by the memory of two children who died in the womb, but he alone finds a certain comfort in what seems to be the ghosts of these unborn children. Or it's all in his head.